Western Australia BMX Clubs


Corner of Rotary Drive and Washington Ave

Founded in 1979. Large growing club with over 200 current members. The track was rebuilt in 2010 and has a UCI compliant 5 metre high starting ramp.


Tom Price

Caravan Park Road

An awesome club nestled in iron ore hilly country with the best views of the track. Tends to get a lot of washout in rains. One of the best clubs for Dads to ride!



Darlot Street

Founded in the early 80's, numbers tend to fluctuate in the iron ore town but it has a fantastic community. Doesn't have as many older riders as other clubs.



Rosemary Road

Formed in 1981, they originally raced on Sunday afternoons until they finally installed lights. They've had as many as 300 members at one time!


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